Hello there!
My name is Danny M. Valdez, I live in Los Angeles, and I get to play on the computer all day making cool, pretty internet stuff.
I kind of like to think of myself as:
A Designer
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An Artist
Comics Illustration
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A little about me...

I've been doodling, sketching and drawing for as long as I can remember. My early masterpieces focused on ghost-busting, teenaged amphibian martial artists, and, of course, Batman.

Now in my thirties, I've been a professional designer since finishing school 8+ years ago. The internet may be filled with nothing but trolls, grumpy cats, and (of course) porn, but I'm still excited that I get to spend my days making some sort of creative contribution to it.

Since I probably sound a lot like every early-thirties hipster graphic designer out there, I'm going to point out a few traits that separate me from the pack:

  • I don't blog.
  • I don't tweet.
  • I don't live on coffee (eww).
  • I don't own an ipod, iphone, or ipad.
  • In fact, I've never owned any Apple product.
  • I don't wear t-shirts featuring internet memes or 80s NES references.
Close Professional Resume / Work Experience
Senior Web Designer 11.2006 - Present
LinkUSystems, Inc. Riverside, CA
  • Design custom websites to client specifications, working within the company's proprietary ASP-driven content management system, often balancing multiple projects at once.
  • Effectively communicate with Project Managers (or clients directly), working through critical feedback, while remaining informative about options, limitations, and cost-effective solutions.
  • Collaborate with lead programmers on multiple projects directly related to company growth, including:
    • Creation of a dynamic template system (built with ASP and CSS manipulation), and UX/UI Development of an accessible gateway for client interaction.
    • Redesign and refocus of company websites, highlighting different brands through unique presentation aesthetics and technical approaches.
  • Possess an understanding of the tools used throughout the creative process (i.e. design work in Photoshop/Illustrator through final build using CSS3/jQuery, etc.), look for the most efficient means of cross-browser implementation within the company architecture, and keep an eye on evolving industry standards (i.e. responsive/mobile methods).
Freelance Work 2006 - Present
  • Manage a number of side projects on top of the regular work week, including smaller design concepts (i.e. a single business card order), and larger-scale brand identities (i.e. logo design, misc. print work, website development, etc.).
  • Serve as creative and technical contact for clientele; professionally discussing pricing, abilities to meet deadlines, technological hurdles, etc. Personally research solutions and broaden skills to meet client specifications while working in a cross-browser, standards-driven environment.
Graphic Artist 10.2005 - 11.2006
The House of Portraits Hemet, CA
  • Created all advertising and marketing materials (phone book ads, flyers, customer envelopes, multi-page price guides, etc.) for photo studio specializing in sports, school, family and high school senior photography.
  • Retouched, cropped, and color corrected photography (including detailed restoration projects), in an OSX Photoshop environment.
  • Rebuilt company website and have retained professional relationship for regular maintenance.
Lab Assistant 09.2003 - 03.2005
UC Riverside Art Department Riverside, CA
  • Assisted professors in a Mac-based digital arts lab, helping students with Photoshop projects and basic web authorship (using Dreamweaver and Flash).
  • Prepped artwork for digital archive by scanning prints and slides, then color correcting, spotting, and manipulating images in Photoshop for optimal web presentation.
University of California, Riverside 09.2000 - 03.2005
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art
  • Graduated with 3.76 GPA; Cum Laude
Things I'm kind of excellent with: (not trying to brag)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • HTML5/CSS3 Authorship
  • Responsive Design
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
Things I'm pretty good with:
  • JavaScript/jQuery Manipulation
  • PHP/ASP/.net Integration
  • Custom WordPress Design
  • Adobe Illustrator
Things I'm just okay with: (just being honest)
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Flash/Actionscript Manipulation
  • SwishMax
Operating Systems:
Comfortable in Windows and OSX
General Office:
Proficient in all of the basic computer skills necessary (Outlook, Word, etc.)
Personality Attributes:
Extremely communicable, articulate, detail oriented, organized, and (possibly most importantly) eager to learn and grow with the trends of the industry
Some random stuff you don't need to know about me:
  • Favorite Painting: This one.
  • Childhood Dinosaur Preference: Deinonychus.
  • Number of Plaid Shirts Owned: Too many to count.
  • Star Wars or Star Trek: I don't care.
  • Currently listening to: Tool, or possibly something else.
  • Number of published photographs: One. (I'm famous!) Take a look.
  • Comic Book Influences: Ware, Thompson, Lemire, Brown, Mazzucchelli & more.
  • Hometown: San Jacinto, CA (it's in Riverside County and it's full of cows).
Some Recent Photos: